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This is the crate index for the alternative crate registry instance.

This repository follows the rules and layout specified in the Cargo's Alternative Registries RFC.
It is maintained and kept up-to-date automatically by

This index (and, by extension, the registry) allows crates to only depend on other crates stored in either this registry or

How to use this index ?

If you want to use a crate hosted at

  • Edit or create the ~/.cargo/config file, and add the following code:
index = ""
  • In Cargo.toml, specify the crate's registry when declaring it as a dependency, e.g.:
markets = { version = "0.3.0", registry = "jstrong-dev" }

If you also want to publish a crate to the registry:

  • Register as a user at
  • Configure ~/.cargo/config with registries.jstrong-dev entry as described above
  • Then, run cargo login --registry jstrong-dev and enter your author token.
  • You can now use the registry using cargo publish --registry jstrong-dev or cargo search --registry jstrong-dev