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zola (né Gutenberg)

Build Status

A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in.

Documentation is available on its site or in the docs/content folder of the repository and the community can use its forum.

Comparisons with other static site generators

Zola Cobalt Hugo Pelican
Single binary yes yes yes no
Language Rust Rust Go Python
Syntax highlighting yes yes yes yes
Sass compilation yes yes yes yes
Assets co-location yes yes yes yes
Multilingual site ehh no yes yes
Image processing yes no yes yes
Sane & powerful template engine yes yes ehh yes
Themes yes no yes yes
Shortcodes yes no yes yes
Internal links yes no yes yes
Link checker yes no no yes
Table of contents yes no yes yes
Automatic header anchors yes no yes yes
Aliases yes no yes yes
Pagination yes no yes yes
Custom taxonomies yes no yes no
Search yes no no yes
Data files yes yes yes no
LiveReload yes no yes yes
Netlify support yes no yes no
ZEIT Now support yes no yes yes
Breadcrumbs yes no no yes
Custom output formats no no yes no

Supported content formats

  • Zola: markdown
  • Cobalt: markdown
  • Hugo: markdown, asciidoc, org-mode
  • Pelican: reStructuredText, markdown, asciidoc, org-mode, whatever-you-want

ehh explanations

Hugo gets ehh for the template engine because while it is probably the most powerful template engine in the list (after Jinja2) it personally drives me insane, to the point of writing my own template engine and static site generator. Yes, this is a bit biased.

Zola gets ehh for multi-language support as it only has a basic support and does not (yet) offer things like i18n in templates.

Pelican notes

Many features of Pelican come from plugins, which might be tricky to use because of a version mismatch or inadequate documentation. Netlify supports Python and Pipenv but you still need to install your dependencies manually.