1259 Commits (index-subcmd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jonathan Strong ad36ac87b2 adds (tantivy) indexing of taxonomies, datetime, description 4 years ago
  Jonathan Strong 43a88fb79e clean up the new indexing code by quite a lot 4 years ago
  Jonathan Strong 0322eb2764 minor tweaks to tantivy indexing 4 years ago
  Jonathan Strong a043f641ea tantivy indexing, doesn't crash, but index produced is corrupt somehow 4 years ago
  Jonathan Strong cffb69c5be create `zola index` command and route existing search indexing code to it 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet ad8a0a2025
Add date for 0.10.0 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 07602f52a6 Update theme dump 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 1972e58823
Merge pull request #811 from getzola/next 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 15a3ab1a51 One last deps update 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 6da8ff3c83 Update changelog 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 855d2376df Fix some theme extension 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 0d5fefd446 Update image to 0.23 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet a903473a87 Use rustls reqwest feature 4 years ago
  Aphek cc67bf0c88
Change continue-reading to use a span with id instead of a named anchor in a paragraph (#941) 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet ac3ced828b
Multiple slugification strategies (#929) 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet e9eb0e1c4d Fix Windows CI 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet bef7f8c6d5 Fix Windows CI 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 782cc7d686 Fix some more merge conflicts 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 8c1faac761 Update deps + fix tera fn error msg 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet be149646f6 Update livereload.js 4 years ago
  Travis Cross 983e021d5b Fix warning when building site tests (#936) 4 years ago
  ethereal 94445ae745 Add --root global argument. Fixes #899. (#932) 4 years ago
  photong 5ba4d47538 Docs next (#858) 4 years ago
  Sepehr Torab Parhiz 2fa442cead Add Markdown strikethrough rendering (#924) 4 years ago
  Rostislav 145671ed20 Detect empty links on markdown rendering and issue an error (#884) 4 years ago
  Sam Ford 0c93e15b1f Update tokio and re-enable check_site test (#915) 4 years ago
  djugei 046213ce28 fixed warning (#912) 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 44a07a4a55 Disable check_site test for now 4 years ago
  Sam Ford 2966adbe4e Migrate serve command to hyper (#904) 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 622b0f2965 Serialize toc level 4 years ago
  Sam Ford d7bad732f1 Update reqwest to v0.10 (#892) 4 years ago
  Sam Ford 3ef62036ef Fix benchmarks (#901) 4 years ago
  Sam Ford 6b5768fd76 Treat 304 as valid, add mock tests, fix mock issue (#900) 4 years ago
  Sam Ford 11f7a6d114 Mock HTTP requests in tests (#898) 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet adee654f30 Print remove_dir_all error on ctrl-c 4 years ago
  Sam Ford 2f1b592ab4 link_checker: Handle non-success status codes (#897) 4 years ago
  Sam Ford b63c563622 Format code using cargo fmt (#896) 4 years ago
  Sam Ford bcd73aef8d Bump minimum Rust version to 1.39.0 (#895) 4 years ago
  Sam Ford 658e8a3a66 Update livereload.js to v3.1.0 (#891) 4 years ago
  Sam Ford e804f907b2 Use Rust 2018 edition (#885) 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet ceb9bc8ed7 Optionally do not slugify paths (#875) 4 years ago
  Sam Ford 0a0b6a3ad4 Fix Clippy warnings (#886) 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 8e3f1f59f6 Update Tera 4 years ago
  Philipp Oppermann 72373bea9b Add path to `TranslatedContent` (#863) 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 73ea4b3b16 Finish path collision & fix paginate_path when empty 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 5532f62c2d Check for paths collisions 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 6153d20047 Link to issues for regression tests 4 years ago
  Philipp Oppermann 3362df4a48 Compute canonical path before adjusting parent path (#856) 4 years ago
  Vincent Prouillet 7a09e0f971 Update deps 4 years ago
  Stan Rozenraukh a89b30073c Section extra -> SitemapEntry (#850) 4 years ago